Thank you for your interest in applying to 9Rabbits.

Please email 9rabbitsbakery@gmail.com your resumé, and the following  information:

1. Your name

2. Phone number

3. Number of years experience in coffee, bubble tea, or bakery.

4. Why did you leave your last job?

5. Why do you want to work at 9Rabbits Bakery?

6. What are your major strengths and weaknesses?

7. Why do you feel you would be a good fit here?

8. What are your personal and professional goals?

9. What is your passion?

10. How active are you on social media? (You may share social media URLs)

11. What do you like about 9Rabbits?

12. What don’t you like about 9Rabbits? (We would love your honest opinion to improve our bakery!)

We’re looking forward to your answers and will respond shortly!