How to Brew Tea

A perfect cup of tea can get you through the hardest of days and here is how to brew the perfect cup of tea. Brewing tea and making your beverage is just like science and with a few tips and trick, you will get the perfect consistency soon. If you like your tea strong, steeping it harder will not make it stronger but instead give it a bitter taste so instead it is best to add more tea leaves or bags to your cup rather than steeping. Usually one tea bag contains the usual amount enough to make one cup of tea, but you can use two if you want your tea stronger. Another thing you should keep in mind is that cold water contains oxygen which is ideal when making tea as it will absorb all the taste of tea as you heat it up. On the other hand, when your tea is in the making, don’t wait for the water to start boiling as it will also kill the taste of your tea.

Getting the ideal cup of tea means experimenting a little before you land on your preferred taste and therefore, you will also need to use different infusers to see which one works for you. Some teas like green, white, Pu-erh etc. Taste better in their second or third infuser so try that and see which tastes the best to you. You can also make hot tea with different methods that are hot-brew tea and cold-brew tea. You can use either loose leaf tea or tea bags when you are making your cold tea, but if you don’t have an infuser, stick with the tea bags as they naturally come with a filter. The following is how you can use both methods to make your flawless cup of iced-tea:


Hot-Brew Iced-Tea:

Start by putting in your tea bags or loose tea in a cup and pour a little hot water enough to soak your tea in. Let the tea absorb in the water from 3-5 minutes based on your taste. Pour the rest of your cup with cold water before taking out your tea bag. Take a different cup full of ice and pour your tea in. If you want to add sweeteners or sugar, make sure you do it when they tea is still hot as it will dissolve better. When making iced-tea, it is better to use more tea than you usually do in order to get good flavor.


Cold-Brew Iced Tea:

Put tea bags or loose tea in a cup and fill it with cold water. Give it at least 3-8 hours in your fridge as the tea steeps depending on how strong you want it. Fill a cup with ice, pour in your tea and enjoy.

tea brew

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