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Kyoto style cold brew refers to an exact process of using cold water and gravity to make smooth coffee concentrate with low acidity. When you take the heat out of coffee brewing, what you get is a deep flavor profile that is better revealed only during the Kyoto style cold brew process. To unlock flavor profiles like berries, bourbon, and cocoa nib, experts must control the temperature, the water flow to the coffee grinds, and the amount of time for the process to occur.


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Why 9 Rabbits Cold Brew Coffee?

Kyoto style cold brew requires constant monitoring and adjustments, unlike other cold brew methods that use short cuts or leave room for human error to produce inferior tasting coffee. At 9 Rabbits Bakery, we strived to build a better, fuss-free brewing method that produces consistent results, drip by drip, so you can enjoy the full flavors of our premium select beans cup by cup.

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