9Rabbits Bakery is celebrating the national coffee day by offering discounts on the selected beverages

image-national-coffe-dayThe national coffee day is an event to promote and celebrate coffee as a beverage, with the other occasions taking place in the various corners of the world. This day also celebrated as a trade fair for tea and coffee raises an awareness among the coffee lovers for the advantages and disadvantages of the drink. On this day many shops offer free or discounted cups of coffee products. Some businesses also share coupons and special offers with their fan followers and other social networking sites. The greeting card companies also provide greetings and free e cards for this day.

The name national coffee day was first used by the southern food and beverage museum, which called a press conference on 3 October, 2009, and announce the first New Orleans Coffee festival. Later, on September 29  was declared as the national coffee day raising the toast of a fresh cup of coffee for free. Of the world’s 10 million coffee farmers, 95% of them are small holder family farmers. The national coffee day aims to help them receive the best training that they need to grow better and high quality coffee, boost their level of income, and lift themselves and their families out of poverty on this day.

The national coffee day was officially mentioned in the United States as early as  2005. From this day onwards it is taken as an annual celebration for the various coffee growers. On this day the people of US   are gathering with the old friends and families to visit, to the nearest high street and note the number of coffee chains to realize the extent of their love affairs with their favorite coffee beverage. Starting from lattes’s, cappuccinos, iced, instant or filter cold coffee all are available for free or with discounts and offers at certain chain of coffee shops and stores in the US. Customers do not need to make any additional purchases to get their free cups of coffee. Again, they can expect to get their complementary drink when presenting the mobile offer available at the app stores as well.

The best deal seems to be appearing from 9 rabbits bakery which is welcoming the customers by giving special discounts on its various freshly brewed tea and coffee products. In addition an offer of $ 5.00 off at 9 rabbits bakery and x Boba house with free Eco friendly bags available by spending $ 20 on the purchase of gift items.